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Current Prices ex vat:
            Solar Limpets: £7.00 ea (Box of 25)       £175.00
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                                      10 x 6 Tile blank                £1.50  Each
To position immediately after Solar Limpets. before fixing
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           Mage 40mm x 5.5 ss screws     Pkt 25     £5.00
Pkt 100    £16.20

Mage 50mm x 6.5 ss screws    Pkt 25      £6.00
Pkt 100    £21.58

Mage 65mm x 6.5 ss screws    Pkt 25      £7.00
Pkt 100    £26.24

             Mage 115mm x 6.5 ss screws  Pk 25      £12.00
                                                                  Pk 100    £46.00

             Mage 130mm x 6.5 ss screws  Pkt  25     £13.00
                                                                  Pkt 100    £50.56
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                       29mm EPDM washers    Pkt 25      £2.00
Pkt 100    £5.45
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                               PLP L Bracket              Each  £1.26

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                        Tubes CT1 Adhesive / sealant     Each  £7.00           

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M8 ss 30mm Bolt Nylock
Nut & washer                       Pkt 25   £14.00 

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Bosh GMS 120 Professional, Multi Detector      £78.00 plus vat
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No 13 Tec Nut Driver        £9.25 plus vat
No 8 Tec Nut Driver          £8.00 plus vat
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Tile Max 7 mm x 100 mm diamond tile drill.  £7.67 plus vat
Tile Max 10 mm x 100 mm diamond tile drill. £8.98 plus vat 
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John Guest plastic pipe cutter           £20.00
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Bank transfer on receipt of invoice which will be sent by e-mail on date of purchase.

Delivery options available  
Delivery options available: Within two working days or Orders for next day delivery need to be made before mid day. 

Privacy Policy
"We do not share customer details with any 3rd parties"

Refund / Cancellation Policy 
"Refunds are acceptable and refundable on return of items in original condition within one month of date of original invoice and in quantities sold" 

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