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Are Solar Limpets MCS certificated?

Yes, for both tile and slate applications. A copy of the certificate is on the Warranties page.


We tried using Limpets today, but the roof was cross battened and the the screws were to short.

The 115mm fixings we supply should be sufficient for standard roof applications. However some roofs which may have been insulated and or counter battened, or simply have much thicker battens than the norm, may require longer fixings to achieve the recommended 50mm embedment. Screw length required needs to be checked during the site survey. If longer fixings are required please let us know and we can supply screws up to 280mm length accordingly.

When we stood on the rail tiles were broken under the limpets is there an answer to that ?
On tile installs, don't over tighten the limpet base plate. You need only apply sufficient torque to ensure that the EDPM washers will not turn under the screw head. The screws should not be applying pressure to the tile below and the ties below should still be movable.

Don't stand on the fitted rails without also using some timber rails, as per the video install instructions, in conjunction with the fitted Limpets to help spread the installers weight load. 2.4 m lengths of 4 x 2 inch timber laid across the roof supported by the Limpet base plates will spread the load, further alleviating this problem.

Some tiles may be so soft or irregular in shape that you will get some breakages regardless. For these installs use the additional 10 x 6 tile blanks we can supply.(Details on the sales page)

I lobbed one down, it went down 6 metres, hit a ladder and snapped in half which worries me.
The Limpets are made from grade A PVC. while it retains a degree of flexibility, its a bit like toughened glass. It will take loading pressure up to an average 600 lb/ft which is considerable. However if struck with a sharp object or dropped onto solid ground at speed it will break. They are designed for the former forces not the latter.

A Limpets base plate's up-stand which house the Limpet adjustable bracket broke today when tightened.
When securing the adjustable bracket to the Limpet base plate with the stainless steel bolt washer and Nylock nut provided. The nut should not be over tightened. Torque loading is not necessary. Both the face of the adjustable bracket and the Limpet base plate are serrated. One thread protruding through the Nylock nut is sufficient to secure the bracket in the desired position and prevent slippage.

If over tightened, stainless steel will win over the PVC every time and break the base plate up stand.

Will the rail that I use fit the Limpets ?
Nearly all solar rails are suitable for use with Solar Limpets which are designed to cater for both side fix and base fix rail applications, for both M8 and M10 fixings.

Simplest way to check is to give us a call.


How do I avoid having to use cross rails when fitting landscape panels using the Limpet vertical adjustable brackets, on slate or tiles as they face the wrong way ?
Use the PLP L Bracket.

(More information available on the Sales page)

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